Pie Report

What is a Pie Report?

The Pie report displays learner performance by showing how smaller parts represent proportions of a whole on a pie chart. Use it to track compliance, show what's most popular on your Learning Experience Platform, or see how people answer questions on an assessment.piereportheader.png

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global AdminsArea Admins, and some Users) can edit a Pie report. All users can view a Pie report.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

Creating and Editing a Pie Report

Use the report builder to create new Pie reports and to configure existing Pie reports.

Pie Report Filters and Options

Beyond the typical report builder filters and options, the Pie report provides options that are unique to the Pie report.

Pie Filter

Select Pie from the report selection menu and then click Pie in the filter menu:piereportselection.png

In the Pie filter, you’ll choose what specific data points should be measured for the visualization.

For a simple Pie report, only choose one Measure using the Measures menu. Use the Organized menu to select how you want your pieces aggregated. For instance if you choose Activity Count as the Measure and choose to organize by Person in the Organized menu, the slices of your pie will be people and the size of the piece of pie will depend on the amount of activity associated with that person.

For a more advanced Pie report, choose more than one Measure using the Measures menu. The pieces of the pie will be each measure you choose. The size of the piece will be determined by the average values of each measure on the leaderboard below the pie report. Use the Organized menu to determine how data is aggregated on the leaderboard. For instance if you choose the measures Activity Count and Interaction Count and choose to organize by person, the pie pieces would be Activity Count and Interaction Count and their size would be determined by the average of each person's Activity Count and each persons Interaction Count.

Advanced Configuration

 Advanced configuration is designed to be used by expert users who understand JSON and the properties of xAPI statements.

Certain settings are unique to the Pie report and only configurable in Advanced Configuration.



Example value


If true, the pie chart will include all people who match the report filter, regardless of whether they have any statement data. This is useful when you want to see which or how many people in a group have not done something.



A list of colors to be used for slices of the pie. 


 Related: Check out our Advanced Configuration guide for more information.

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