Correlation Report

What is a Correlation Report?

The Correlation Report allows you to explore relationships between multiple performance measures and find dependent relationships. It’s ideal to help show a relationship (or lack of relationship) between scores on sales training and actual sales numbers.correlationexample.png

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global AdminsArea Admins, and some Users) can edit a Correlation Report. All users can view a Correlation Report.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

Creating and Editing a Correlation Report

Use the report builder to create new Correlation Reports and to configure existing Correlation Reports.

Correlation Report Filters and Options

Beyond the typical report builder filters and options, the Correlation Report provides options that are unique to the Correlation Report.

Correlation Filter

When setting up a new Correlation Report or configuring an existing Correlation Report, click Correlation in the filter menu:correlationreportbuilderselection.png

Each option in the Correlation filter helps you display the correct data:


On the Organized menu, you’ll choose how you'd like to group your data for your Correlation Report. This will allow you to choose which units of data you'd like to analyze. Just choose an option from the Organized menu and the Correlation will organize data by what you’ve chosen.

For example, if you choose By Person in the Organized menu, the Correlation Report will group data by person, and all of the sections on the report will display information about your people's data:organizedbypeoplecorrelation.png
Each dot on the Correlation report's scatter plot will also be a person:personscattercorrelation.png


On the Measures menu, you’ll choose what data measures you'd like to analyze. Correlation analysis is run on every possible measure pair from the ones that are selected. You can add as many measures you'd like, but we'd recommend you not add more than 5 measures.

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To add a measure to the Correlation Report, choose a measure from the Select a Measure menu and click the Add Measure button next to the menu. To deselect a measure and remove it from the Correlation Report, click the X next to the measure in the Measures section:measurescorrelation.png

Advanced Configuration

 Advanced configuration is designed to be used by expert users who understand JSON and the properties of xAPI statements.

Certain settings are only configurable in Advanced Configuration.



Example value


The Correlation Report calculates outliers (values that differ significantly from other values), displaying them on the graph in a different color and detailing them in drop-down sections for each measure above the graph. 

If ignoreOutliers is set to true, the report will not include outliers in  calculating the correlation coefficient or determining if a correlation is present.


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