Program Report

What is a Program Report?

The Program report offers an overview of a pre-defined learning program—like compliance training or new hire training. Watch as your learners progress through courses, videos, assessments and keep up with high-level metrics like average assessment scores and competencies demonstrated. Answer common questions, such as who has or hasn’t completed parts of a learning program and share it with managers and leadership.programpreview.png

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Any user with access to the report builder (Global Admins, Area Admins, and some Users) can create and edit Program reports. All users can view a Program report.
Available on paid plans (AnalystCLO, and Enterprise).
This feature is recommended for intermediate and expert users.


The Program report gives you insights into all aspects of your learning program from many different angles. This section outlines some key concepts that the Program Report is based on to help you navigate.

Program A Program is a collection of activities (like courses, classes, assessments, videos, etc.) that collectively define a specific goal.
Learning Path A Learning Path is a series of high level sequential milestones that learners are expected to pass through over the course of the program. These should be key milestones that all learners will complete and that are normally completed in a fixed order. There is no technical limit to the number of milestones included in a path but we recommend no more than six.
Workflow A series of tasks designed to be completed in an ideal order, but which can be completed (or partially completed) in a different order. Workflow tasks are generally much more granular than a learning path, for example a workflow might be the steps taken by a call center agent to help a customer with a particular problem. Workflow reporting looks at how many people followed the ideal workflow and surfaces other common workflows.
Assessment Assessments are quizzes, tests, observations and other interactions that assess learners and typically involve passing/failing and scoring. You might not want to include every assessment in your Program dashboard, just the most significant ones that you want to monitor.
Competency Competencies are skills, knowledge and abilities evidenced by learners during the course of a program. Competencies are tied to a tracked activity or activities that demonstrate competence. It’s also possible for activities that report a score to indicate a % proficiency in the competency.
Contributing System A contributing system is a tool, product or platform that is used by learners on the program. For example an LMS, a performance observation checklist and a mobile app might be three contributing systems of a program.

 Please note: There is a population limit of 300,000 learners for program reports.

Using Simple Configuration to Create a Program Report

Using Advanced Configuration to Create a Program Report

Interpreting a Program Report

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