Getting Started with Watershed (For Developers)

This guide is an overview of getting started with Watershed aimed at developers. It offers links to a number of other more detailed guides that you will find helpful.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Only Global Admins have access to developer features.
Everybody (Essentials and Enterprise plans) can interact with Watershed via xAPI. Use of other APIs is restricted to Enterprise customers.
The features described in this article are aimed at developers.

 Hint: Any action that’s possible in the UI is also possible via API. Not all of our APIs are documented, so some developers will inspect the requests made by the Watershed application using the developer tools in their web browser.

Experience API

Use the Experience API (xAPI) to send and retrieve record of learning activity. This is not used to communicate data about the learner, such as their job role or position in an organization hierarchy; use the groups and people integration for that data instead.

The following guides may be useful in developing an Experience API implementation with Watershed:


  Only Enterprise clients can use Reporting APIs.

Some applications pull aggregated data from Watershed either to display to the user of those applications, or to inform decisions and actions of that application.

The following guides may be useful in developing a report integration with Watershed:

The Dashboard API documentation includes the creation and management of reports.

Groups and People

  Only Enterprise clients can use People and Group APIs.

Many organizations what to report on learning records filtered by or comparing different groups or demographics within their organization. They also want to assign data and feature permissions based on position in the organization. This person, hierarchy and groups information can to brought in via the Person and Groups APIs.

The following guides may be useful in developing a people and groups integration with Watershed:

Single Sign On

  Only Enterprise clients can use SSO.

Watershed supports single sign on to Watershed from another application. It does not support single sign on from Watershed to another application.

The following guides may be useful in developing a single sign on integration with Watershed:

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