How can I create a report that organizes data by a certain type of group?

When creating or editing certain types of reports, you can choose to organize the data by groups. By default, Watershed will show you every single group type until you narrow down your data pool using a people filter. 

To create a report that organizes data by certain type of group:

  1. In the report builder, create a new report or configure an existing report. Go to the section that matches the name of the report type and choose to organize the report by group. In the example below, we've chose Bar report, we're in the Bar section, and the Organized option has been changed to By Group:barreportorganizedbygroup.png
  2. In the above example, you can see the report is now organized by group, but it features groups (like "Company" and "Operations") that we don't want in the final report. In order to narrow the report down to just the important groups, go to the People section and choose Pick from a List:pickfromlist.png
  3. On the Pick people and groups page, choose Pick group types. Choose the group types you'd like to be included in the report. In the example below, we've chosen the Region group type, and the report has been updated to only include Regions:regionchosen.png
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