Scatter Report

What is a Scatter Report?

The Scatter report displays learner performance on a scatter plot. Choose two measures, and Watershed displays individual or group performance of those measures on an X and Y axes. It’s ideal for identifying high and low performers on measures such as KPIs, competencies, or assessment scores.scatterheading.png

Creating and Editing a Scatter Report

Use the report builder to create new Scatter reports and to configure existing Scatter reports.

Scatter Report Filters and Options

Beyond the typical report builder filters and options, the Scatter report provides options that are unique to the Scatter report.

Scatter Filter

When setting up a new Scatter report or configuring an existing Scatter report, click Scatter in the filter menu:scatterscatter.png

In the Scatter filter, you’ll use the different menu items to customize your report:


On the Organized menu, you’ll choose what you’d like to rank on the Scatter report. Just choose an option from the Organized menu and each dot on the Scatter report will be you’ve chosen.

For example, if you choose By Person in the Organized menu, each dot on the Scatter report will be a person: byperson.png


On the Measures menu, you’ll choose how you’d like to rank what you chose in the Organized menu. You can only choose 2 measures to display on the Scatter report. The first measure is charted on the x-axis and the second measure is charted on the y-axis.

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In this example, two custom measures are chosen for the x- and y-axis (Sales Dollar Amount and Calls Made) and By Person has been chosen on the Organized menu. Each dot is a person, Sales Dollar Amount is represented on the x-axis and Calls Made is represented on the y-axis. As people have higher Sales Dollar Amount values, the person's dot moves further right, and as people have higher Calls Made values, the person's dot move up:measureselectionscatter.png

To add a measure to the Scatter report, choose a measure from the Select a Measure menu and click the Add Measure button next to the menu. The first measure you select will added to the x-axis and the second measure selected will be added to the y-axis. To deselect a measure and remove it from the Scatter report, click the X next to the measure in the Measures section.

 Hint: While the Scatter report can only display two measures you can use more than that to generate the required data by using a formula measure.

Advanced Configuration

 Advanced configuration is designed to be used by expert users who understand JSON and the properties of xAPI statements.

Certain settings are unique to the Scatter report (like displaying the colored quadrants seen in the above examples) and only configurable in Advanced Configuration.



Example value


If true, will show a quadrants background image. The bottom boundaries of the A quadrant are the benchmarks defined for each measure, or the average value for measures with no benchmarks defined. The A+ quadrant within the A quadrant is always half way between the bottom boundary of the A quadrant and the chart maximum.



If true, this setting will disable the highlighting of outlying data points on the scatter graph.


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