Watershed Essentials: How to Use, Search, and Filter Reports

How do I use the reports in my Watershed Essentials account?

Watershed Essentials includes six report types that deliver basic insights for L&D practitioners who want to start tracking and exploring learning outside an LMS.


1) Activities Report. View what activities are being sent to Watershed and the number of interactions your learners have had with each.

2) People Report. Observe all of the people that are being sent to your Watershed account and the number of interactions they've had with your learning content.

3) Actions Report. See what actions (combination of verb and activity) are being interacted with the most in your account.

4) Interactions by Data Source Report. Find out which data sources are sending the most interactions to your Watershed account.

5) Data Sources Report. This report shows similar information to the Interactions by Data Source Report, but data is represented as a pie chart.

6) Interactions Report. This report is a raw stream of interactions from all of your data sources.


How to search and filter your Essentials Reports

Filter each report by using the options at the top the dashboard:

  • The “All data sources” menu filters all six reports based on individual data sources.
  • The “Last 30 days” menu allows you to control data shown on all six reports based on different timeframes.
  • The search bar at the top right corner of the dashboard allows you to search for individual activities, people, or actions.

Clicking any blue highlighted name or number on the dashboard will reveal a popup window that allows you dig further into your data. A popup window will appear with more information about any item you find. You can click on the numbers and names in the popup windows to dig even deeper into data.

Click “More” on any of the reports to view the report in its entirety.

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