Watershed Essentials: Connect a Free xapiapps Account in One Click

 Heads Up: This article is for Watershed's free product Watershed Essentials. If you're a paid client, please visit our main help section.

To help you get the most out of your data, we’re working with a number of product vendors to ensure that the data they send is optimized to produce the best possible results in Watershed. xapiapps is one of our certified data sources, which means they send good statements and they are easy to connect. This guide walks you through connecting xapiapps to Watershed Essentials and how to get started with the app.

  1. In your Essentials account, go to the Certified Data Sources section of the Data page. Click Connect xapiapps: connect-xapi-data-sources.png
  2. On the Get Started with xapiapps for Watershed page, create an account by typing in your name, email address, and password. Then click Next Step.
  3. On the next page, type in your Company Name and URL and then click Complete:
  4. Once your account is ready, your connection between Watershed and xapiapps is complete. To create experiences that send statements to Watershed, click Get Started:
  5. In xapiapps, we recommend watching the Getting Started videos to understand how xapiapps works. 
  6. Create an Observation Checklist by clicking the Observation Checklist app and then the Start button: 
  7. Click to choose a person to observe. 
  8. Choose a person by clicking on their picture (we chose Amy Way in the example): 
  9. Click the Start a New Checklist button: 
  10. Select a Checklist (we chose Retail Management - First Impressions in the example): 
  11. Go through the checklist (we gave everything a 2 and wrote "comment comment" in this example). As you go through the checklist, data will be sent to Watershed. 
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