Watershed Essentials: How to Connect xAPI Data Sources

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How do I connect or remove xAPI data sources in my Watershed Essentials account?

An xAPI data source, or activity provider, is a program that sends data into Watershed. To allow a data source to send Watershed data, follow these steps:

1) Click “Data” at the top of your screen. After being redirected to a new page, select “xAPI Data Sources” on the left side of the screen. In the “Activity Providers” section, click “Add Activity Provider.”


2) You'll see a new “Unnamed Provider” added to your list of data sources.


3) Use the following information to connect your data source and send data to Watershed:

Name: Click “Edit” to change the activity provider name to the data source or activity provider and then click “Save.”

Key: This is the username/application ID.

Secret: This is the password for connecting Watershed to your data source. Change the password by clicking the refresh button.

LRS Access: The default state is "isolated" (recommended), which ensures the activity provider sending data to Watershed can only see that data and does not have permission to set the xAPI statement authority property. If you set the LRS Access to “global,” the activity provider can see all data stored in your account and can set the authority property of statements to any value. We recommend that only advanced users select the global setting and that associated credentials are kept extremely secure.

API Access: The default state is "disabled” (recommended), which ensures the credentials can’t be used to access Watershed’s API as a Watershed global admin user. We recommend that only advanced users enable API Access and that associated credentials are kept extremely secure. 

Active: The default state is “Active” (recommended). If you need to disable a connected data source, select “Disable,” and Watershed will stop accepting statements from that provider.

4) Send statements to Watershed using the Endpoint/Key/Secret.

How do I remove an xAPI Data Source?

To delete a data source from your Watershed Essentials account, click “Delete” to the right of corresponding data source.

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