Watershed Essentials: Canceling or Downgrading to Watershed Essentials LRS

 Heads Up: This article is for Watershed's free product Watershed Essentials. If you're a paid client, please visit our main help section.

What happens to my data if I upgrade my Essentials LRS account? What if I'm downgrading from a higher Watershed product tier?

The short answer is that you won't lose your data if you upgrade or downgrade your account—but here's what you need to know before taking the next step.

Canceling Your Essentials LRS Account

If you decide to cancel your Essentials account, your account and all associated data will be deleted. However, if you download your data before canceling, you will be able to add it to a new Essentials account if you decide to return. Before canceling your account, be sure to export your data so you can access it outside Essentials.

Auto-Cancellation Due to Inactivity

If no logins or statements have occurred in your Essentials LRS account for 60 days, we'll send you a friendly reminder to log in. If after another 30 days (i.e., 90 days of total inactivity) no login or new statements have been added, your account and any data within it will be deleted. If you signed up for an account and didn't use it before it was automatically canceled, simply sign up again when you're ready. 

Upgrading to a Watershed Account

If you upgrade to a Watershed account, you will retain access to all the data, data sources, and CSV templates currently in your Essentials account. Depending on your Watershed account, you will gain more functionality and options for tracking and reporting on your learners.

Downgrading from a Watershed Account

If you downgrade from a Watershed account, all your data will remain intact. However, you will lose access to any custom reports and cards you've created (and visibility of your total learner population). While you can track any number of learners in Essentials, you'll only be able to report on the last 300 learners added to your account.

Make sure to keep the statements flowing into your Essentials account so it remains active. When you're ready to upgrade to your previous Watershed account, you'll regain access to all the custom reports, groups, and hierarchies from your paid account.

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