Finding and Managing Reports

What is The Reports Settings Page?

In addition to appearing on dashboards, every report in your account is also listed on the Reports page within Settings. This page is useful for finding a report when you can't remember where it is, or for managing all of your reports from one place. You'll also see additional audit information about reports including who created the report, when the report was created, who last updated the report, when the report was last updated, and when the report was last accessed.

Who can use this feature?
 User Types
Only Global Admins can access the Reports settings page.
Available on paid plans (Analyst, CLO, and Enterprise).
Anybody (both beginners and experts) can use this feature.

How to Get to The Reports Settings Page

To get to the Reports page, click the Settings menu and choose Reports: settings.png

Finding a Report

To find a report, enter the name or part of the name of the report into the search box. The table tells you the name of the report (which can be clicked to open that report), the name of the report group(s) and/or dashboard(s) that the report is in, and the report type: search.png

 Hint: If the report is in a report group, rather than directly on a dashboard, you can find the name of the dashboard it is on by performing a second search using the name of the report group identified by the first search.

Viewing a Report

To view a report you have found, either click on the name of the report, or select View from the gear menu. This will open the report in the same way as is you opened the report from a dashboard. view.png

Viewing Report Information

To view Report Information, click Report Information from the gear menu.report_information_1.png

This provides the following information:

  • Title of the report.
  • Name of the report group(s) and/or dashboard(s) that the report is in.
  • When the report was created and by whom.
  • When the report was last updated and by whom.
  • When the report was last accessed.

 Heads Up: Reports created before May 22, 2017 won't show created/updated/accessed information on the Report Settings page.


Configuring a Report

To configure a report, click Configure from the gear menu. This opens Report Builder.configure.png

Choosing Which Dashboards a Report Appears On

To choose which dashboards a report appears on, click Dashboards from the gear menu.dashboards1.png

You can then search for new dashboards to add the report to and remove it from existing dashboards.


 Please note: Changes are saved immediately regardless of how you close the Dashboards modal window. Clicking Cancel will not undo any changes you have made.

 Hint: Generally reports are required to be assigned to at least one dashboard. But in some rare cases (e.g. by incorrect user of Watershed's Dashboard API) it is possible for a report to exist that is not assigned to any dashboard. In these cases the dashboard information for that report will read "No assigned dashboard".no_assigned_dashboard.png

Deleting a Report

 Please note: A few notes about deleting reports:

  • Only users logged into Watershed as an Admin can delete reports from shared dashboards.
  • When an Admin deletes a report, the report will be removed for every user in the organization.
  • When an Admin deletes a report that is on multiple dashboards or has been pinned to users' Your Dashboard, all copies of the report will be deleted.

To delete a report, click Delete from the gear menu.


Then click OK to confirm. Once you delete a report, it is removed from all dashboards and cannot be restored.


The report will not be deleted until you click OK. Click Cancel, click the grey cross in the top right of the confirm box, or click outside of the confirm box to close the confirm box without deleting the report.

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