Quick Account Tour

Welcome to Watershed! When you first log in, you'll find yourself on a dashboard with reports and a variety of options: Screen_Shot_2020-07-09_at_11.19.13_AM.png

As we go on the tour in this article, please remember that your account could look completely different than the screenshots you see in this article. You'll likely have different reports, different dashboards, and you might not see every feature depending on the type of user you are or what permissions you have. 

Dashboard Menu

The dashboard menu allows you to move between the dashboards you can access:dashboardmenu.png

Report Builder

Clicking Report Builder allows you to create reports on dashboards:reportbuilder.png

 Heads Up:

  • Many users do not have access to Report Builder so do not be surprised if you don't see this option.
  • If you are a Global Admin, remember that if you use Report Builder to create or edit reports on shared dashboards, you will change the shared dashboard for everyone viewing the dashboard.


The notifications icon shows news and recent and upcoming releases:notifications.png

Data Menu

The Data menu gives users the ability to control data coming in, search existing data, see data errors, and control how existing data is used and displayed:datamenu.png


The Settings menu gives a wide variety of options to control your Watershed experience, and in the case of Admins, other users' Watershed experience:settings.png


Help links to our help section (the very one you're looking at!):help.png

Organization Name

If you're a member of more than one Watershed organization, you'll be able to click the name of your Organization to see a menu of all of your Watershed organizations and switch between them:onetruedemo.png

Sign Out

Click Sign Out to....sign out:sign_ou.png

Grid View/List View

Click this icon to toggle between Grid View and List View for your reports. You'll see the same reports on the dashboard, but as a list instead of the report previews:listtoggle.pnggridview.png

Dashboard Report Options

Clicking on the name of a report allows you to view the full version of a report:reporttitle.png

You can resize or move reports on dashboards if you're an admin. Hovering over the report shows those options:moveresize.png

The gear icon for reports gives other quick options for the reports:reportoptions.png

You can also hover certain data points in report previews to get more details. This varies between report types:hoverdata.png

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